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Application of large shopping malls, supermarkets, factories and public broadcasting system

      In general, large shopping malls, supermarkets public broadcasting should also have the fire emergency broadcast function. Under normal circumstances, public broadcasting in addition to play background music, broadcast notification background music broadcast function, in the face of fire alarm, emergency broadcast on manual selection can achieve the region.

Large shopping malls, supermarkets, public broadcasting, program source usually set three: CD player, dual card deck and radio microphone. System

CD with multi disc CD player, advance into the multi CD, all the tracks can be pre broadcast cycle, for background music used.

Deck used dual card deck, double card cycle work, play background music tapes, and can also be used for temporary recording using broadcast notice.

Radio microphones use desktop gooseneck microphone, convenient operation, built in chime, speaking before the tinkling bells, to remind the audience attention, mainly for broadcast notice when using.

Selection of large shopping malls, supermarkets public broadcasting speakers in the basic follow the following principles: ceiling speakers use decorative ceiling area, the suspension type sound box or wall mounted speakers without decorative ceiling area. System

Many large shopping malls, supermarkets for the single storey building, in accordance with the requirements of the standard fire system Chinese, its internal area must be provided with a plurality of fireproof rolling shutter door. Therefore, we in the design of large-scale shopping malls, supermarkets, public broadcasting, also must comply with the relevant provisions of the internal fire broadcasting regions partition. System

Considering the area it is necessary to set up a self-contained source for promotional merchandise, specially equipped with emergency broadcast switching module. Under normal circumstances, these areas can be broadcast, fire emergency, automatic forced entry to public broadcasting, fire emergency broadcast. System

Considering the function and requirement of each region of the large shopping malls, supermarkets are not the same, therefore, public broadcasting to all areas and office space set up with volume controller independent volume control function. In order to meet the requirements of fire protection broadcasting, all volume controller should have emergency switching (strong cut) function, ensure to achieve the maximum volume of broadcast in fire emergency broadcast state. System

Due to the large shopping malls, supermarkets, guest flow is larger, to prevent the fire detector false alarm, caused by the customer unnecessary panic, under normal circumstances, if the fire control computer and radio host in the room, then broadcast zone control system does not set the fire linkage control automatic emergency broadcast this special function. But according to the broadcasting region has been determined, equipped with radio broadcast area, area selector switcher system partition control broadcast, manual selection of background music broadcast area, broadcast or fire emergency broadcast. If the fire control computer and radio host is divided into two place, only consider adding fire automatic alarm, automatic start function, also do not set the fire linkage control this special function of automatic emergency broadcast


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