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Digital network broadcasting technology analysis

1What is the digital network broadcasting?

Answer: digital network broadcasting is as the name suggests broadcasting digital signals (A/D conversion), the Ethernet (TCP/IP) or on the Internet (Internet) broadcast system for transmission, the analog audio signal through the acquisition, quantization, coding method, in accordance with the radio network protocol for transmission in the network..

2Digital network broadcasting is based on what principle, reliability?

Answer: digital network broadcasting is in accordance with certain algorithm, the real-time acquisition of compressed digital audio files (such as MP3) or storage of digital audio files on a memory, through the network transmission protocol data packets according to the audio file transfer to Internet radio receiver, and then through the network broadcast terminal for D/A conversion after reduction the audio signal, amplified to drive a horn work. Each network broadcast terminal is a machine with embedded computer audio codec and network communication function, and has its own independent IP address, like LAN PC networking, communication according to TCP/IP protocol.


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