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Public broadcasting product and daily maintenance of common sense

Scientific maintenance broadcasting equipment, is the key to prolong its service life.

Here are some basic knowledge of daily maintenance:

1, broadcast equipment normal working temperature should be generally 18 ~ 45 . The sensitivity of the temperature is too low will reduce some machines; too much is easy to burn out components, or cause premature aging components. The summer should pay special attention to cooling and ventilation.

2, broadcasting equipment to avoid direct sunlight, but also to avoid the near sources of heat, such as heater.

3, broadcast equipment after use, the button to reset. If the function key is long-term not reset, the pull button spring long period in the state of stress, it is easy to cause dysfunction.

Before 4, switch power supply equipment, result put volume potentiometer comes back to the smallest, this is one of the most effective means of protection for power amplifier and speakers. This power amplifier power amplifier is almost zero, at least during operation will not cause harm to the speaker


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